Vast – Day 29

Nearly there. Only one more day to go. The prompt today was to choose a favourite poem and then take one word from it, and use that word to spark  a new poem.

My poem was Ozymandias, by Shelley – it says something about the brevity of the rule of tyrants, the arrogant and the vain, but also conjures for me a huge immensity of nothing – the tyrant’s statue is just a couple of legs now, and the head, half buried on the sand.

My word was “vast”. I tried for a sonnet, but it’s not right. I will rethink at some other time.

Our orbits were light years apart in space
the cosmic gap between our hearts was vast,
yet I rush to you at a reckless pace,
my modesty all gone, the die is cast.
You may not want to choose this Argosy?
Get over it.  We will collide, fly high,
merge, two galaxies, for eternity
leave far-flung, starry tendrils in the sky.
I Andromeda, you the Milky Way,
our constituent parts an open chain
spread across the heavens like petals
over the grass after hard April rain.
Our haloes of dark matter discarded,
we will be wrapped in a glory of stars.


Author: Chorlton Voice

The website for all that is local to Chorlton, Manchester M21 and environs.

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