Snookered – Day 20

Use the vocabulary and/or imagery from a game or sport. Ah – I remember those lessons teaching metaphor to teenagers and begining with the simple exercise:  write a football match as if it were cookery; write a football match as if it were a  war.

But all my sporting vocabulary deserted me – for ages the only phrase that occurred to me was from cricket: “silly mid-on”,  which I have always loved, but which got me precisely nowhere.

In the end, I used snoooker. Maybe I will be able to play with this one and make it look more like a snooker game on the page at some stage:

I was sick of love that night we met
in Chorlton Snooker Hall.
But I took my cue from you –
Not even half, butt it would do.
You bent towards the  baize
you took your stance;
thus, we began our dance.

You forced an angle;
feathered me into
kiss, double kiss,
doffed me your cocked hat.  Gave me

the postman’s knock at the top of the table
I saw red.
Then black,
then red,
then black
and all the rest, till finally –
match ball.

What a fluke!  And that’s how
I was snookered.



Author: Chorlton Voice

The website for all that is local to Chorlton, Manchester M21 and environs.

3 thoughts on “Snookered – Day 20”

  1. I love the opening of this. The language is so playful, and I love the repetition of the hard K sound. Now I am googling what snooker is because I have never ever played it. 🙂 Also, the idea of making this look like a snooker game is really cool!


  2. Thanks, Emma! I think I am going to have to upgrade the blog to make it allow lines of poetry to begin at different points on the line, or maybe I am just a technodope and can’t see the obvious…..


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