Neologisms – Day 18

Our prompt today is to write a poem using neologisms – new words. Shakespeare was a master at that, especially using portmanteau words: bloodstained, cloud-capped, eye-ball, birth-place etc.  I really struggled with this prompt and soon gave up on slapping two words together in the hope they would sound apt. The fact that I can still remember the whole of Jabberwocky and immediately used the words from that when asked for nonsense words didn’t help. This is the best I came up wih to start with:

The night swaffs sharp through wildy trees;
they shrill their branches in the morting swarl.
Darkness and slitter weave along the street,
gallowglees lurk behind the wall.
Half of us hold firm, half stand apart in grief,
when oscrayx shows its shining teeth.
I take my hand and face the foe –
the mirror cracks, what lies below?

But, having written that, I remembered that our children are now given the “NONSENSE READING TEST” whereby they have to read aloud a list of nonsense words – it tests their decoding skills, but is just another way to label children as young as five as somehow lacking. There is no research to say that the test does any good at all in identifying literacy problems and I suspect that, like the SATS and other new tests, this is a way to deliver dividends to holders of shares in companies which provide “educational” resources.

Cover the skin with chab and let it dright
The bandages may fill with weam

But churbit and they will soon napsite.

Your pagbo should be clared with foy
Unless the mogrud indicates a sheg  of bruck,
so if shegrash is seen, apply some doit
until the ailing organ upright stook.

Refrain from rigfap for a week
Keep the area warm and clean
Advise your partner to take the test,
and may we wish you all the best.


Author: Chorlton Voice

The website for all that is local to Chorlton, Manchester M21 and environs.

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